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Elegance women’s run with evian team!

1年で1回明治神宮の境内を走れるレアなランがあります。おまけにランナーは皆女性!生まれて初めての記念すべきランでは、なんと大会オフィシャルスポンサーでもあるフランスのお水「エビアン」チームの一員として走ることに!いきなり良いのかクレイジーランナーMIKI TVのランナウェイレポートをチェック!There is a rare running race once a year which you can run through the Meiji Shrine complex. Also the runners are all women! At a first memorial running race in my life, I was one of『Evian』(French water) team member which was the official sponsor of this event. Is it ok to run? me?? oh well…. Here is the crazy runner MIKI TV’s runner way report! Check it out!!
2016年3月6日は記念すべき私の初ランでもある「第6回 渋谷・表参道ウィメンズラン」があった。「いつでもどこでもハイヒール パーティガール MIKI TVがスポーツシューズで走るの?走れるの?むしろ10キロも歩けるの?」というコメントをたくさんもらいつつ、大会で1番オシャレなイメージを持つグループ「エビアンチーム」の一員として走ることになった前代未聞の混ラン。同日、パリでも多くの友人が参加したセミマラソン(Semi de Paris)が行われた。
A first memorable running race in my life which called『The 6th Shibuya • Omotesando Women’s run』 was held on the 6th of March. I got so many comments as 「The Party girl MIKI TV always wears high heels but is it possible to run with running shoes? Can she run? Or rather, can she walk 10 km?」… But I had to run as 「Evian team」which is one of the most stylish image team in the race… I was nervous and confused… The same day, there was a semi -marathon race (Semi de Paris) and my friends ran the race in Paris.
Capture d’écran 2016-01-27 à 18.33.19
A night before the race, I was planning to go to bed early but I had to go to a champagne Party and had to stay up till late night…as always…. And I wanted to take for walk to get the venue as warming up in the morning but I took a cab to get there and it was just on time… as always… Oh well…. It’s not easy to change someone’s life style!
The runner 「No walk/ No run」who usually uses her beloved bicycle or taxi when she goes out got some missions!!! The missions are…「Mission No.1: While running, run like running through the Alps with a fresh and smily face. Mission No.2: Take photos or videos while running. Mission No.3: Finish running and be in top 1500 of 5000 then get an Evian prize for participation before it’s gone! Mission No.4: Attend a press conference from 10:30 like an elegant lady.」 Also but running the most inappropriate imposed on my mission ” refreshing to run through the Alps to the runner to take photos and videos , 1,500 first arrival ( runner will finish the race before that there is no Evian prize for participation to be distributed to 5000 people) , 10: 30 we had had to be carried out that ” to participate refreshing to the Press Conference lance to start from ! .
Therefore , it’s like an impossible mission for a door-to-door woman who don’t walk normally and need to run through 10 km long in about an hour. By the way, I just practiced for running once Imperial Palace (and I walked…) So the running race was like I just ran away to the life water supply station! Before I started to run the race, my friends called me from France because they were worried about me… The phone calls cheered me up very much.
Luckily I often ride a bike around Yoyogi park, North Shibuya area to around Parco, Omotesando which are very familiar for me so I didn’t feel worry so much. But… there are many hills as you know.

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MIKi TVの本日の使命は「Evian teamとしてウィメンズランを走りつつも、動画や写真を撮ること。また、先着1500人のエビアン参加賞がなくなる前にゴールすること(5000人参加)。そのあとのプレスの集まりに間に合うこと」でした。普段走るどころか歩かない私にとって、ミッションインポッシブルでしたが、給水所にあったエビアンのお陰で無事、任務成功しました! "Take the video and Photo" during run. it was my mission. I know I never run 10km in my life, everyday I move with my bicycle or taxi.. Yesterday I went to bed so late after champagne party, but I could be that! Thanks Evian for your life water! You saved me❤️ #エビアン #渋谷表参道ウィメンズラン #ランニング #evianrun #womensrun #run #video #selfievideo @evian_japan

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I ran though Omotesando Street as elegantly,
年に1回しか走ることを許されてないパワースポット 明治神宮のパワーを感じながら走り
ran though the power spot which opens only once a year and felt the power of Meiji Shrine
「I made it to the finishing line!」
I ran swiftly as a sprint running before I made it the race and passed many people at the last minute then directly went to the Evian special prize area! I did get the prize!!
That’s right! They prepared the special prize which are collaboration of Evian and 「My Little Box」which I’ve been an ambassador since it’s arrived in Japan. There are a T-shirts, a sports bag, bottle of Evian etc… The box is perfect collection for sports women!
The Model, Mew Azama was also waiting for Evian team to support us at the finishing line☆

フランスの大好きなお水「エビアン」のお陰で、無事ミッション遂行成し遂げました。メルシー エビアン!「気合いと命をつなぐ水で、やろうと思えば何でもできる!」そう感じたウィメンズランでした🌟
Thanks for my favourite French water 「Evian」to support me very much and I could made all missions! Merci Evian! The women’s run made me 「there is nothing impossible if I don’t give up with the life water!」If you don’t give up, you can do it!

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Photo : Miki, English version : Ayaka ❤
copyright© 2012-16 MIKI TV All rights reserved. by Miki video journalist


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