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Elegance moment at Turkish Airlines (A320 Business Class)

7時間30分の過酷なトランジェットを乗り越え、3時間ほどの近距離フライトをビジネスクラスにて過ごした。「至れり尽くせり ビジネスクラス1人で独占フライト」を今すぐチェック☆ After very tiring 7 hours 30 minutes transit, my 3 hours flight was with a business class. Check now『the perfect flight with a monopolizing business class』☆

The flight from Istanbul to Bordeaux was with Airbus A320. It wasn’t a major city so it was a smaller aircraft but the service of business class was very comfortable as Japanese domestic flights’s premium class (first class). Normally even I take a business class in Europe, the seat is same as economy class and it just gets extra seat like a business class which is tiny bit better service than an economy class. I didn’t expect but it was very impressive and I was so happy!
For a welcome drink, I chose a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice. It was very delicious juice and I recommend you all!

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Un petit souvenir dans un avion direction la France💗J'adore💋My first trip ✈️ by @turkishairlines ☺️ good foods, good service and get comfortable💗 I love this company✨夏の旅のダイジェスト!まずは初ターキッシュエアライン。サービス、フード、快適さ、素晴らしかった⚡️また、使いたい🇫🇷🇯🇵他の写真は後日ブログにて!#avion #airplane #turkishairlines #turkish #staralliance #trip #voyage #omega #speedmaster #watch #ターキッシュエアライン #ターキッシュ #旅 #フランス #ビジネスクラス #オメガ #時計 #スピードマスター #buisinessclass #comfortable #luxe #cool #style #ブロガー #blogger #japanese #fashion #tiffanyT ##OmegaHerTimeWWD #mikitv

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写真を見ても分かるように、実は私以外誰も乗ってなかった。笑 そんな訳で、至れり尽くせりフライトがはじまった!
As you can see from this photo, there is no passenger except me! lol So my perfect Business class flight began!
Even though it was only 3 hours, they prepared lunch for me. Same as Lounge, catering food from Do & Co was delicious! Well… As expected there wasn’t a flight chef….. Oh well… Still it was good food anyway!
They served an appetiser platter, cheeses, tarts etc.
For drink, I chose a glass of champagne!
My first Turkish Airlines (NRT-IST) B777-300 ER11
Then a main course was a Turkish style grilled meat.
After that they asked me that I want to drink or eat something and take care of me very much. What a perfect monopolizing flight! But a lovely time always goes fast… so soon I would arrive the destination…. I wish I could stay longer….Now what kind of journey is waiting for me….

Photo : Miki, English version : Ayaka ❤
copyright© 2012-15 MIKI TV All rights reserved. by Miki UE video journalist


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