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In a romantic mood on the boat Parisian

パリの夏は、ボートの上で、アペリティフ!パリにバカンスに来たのはいいけれど、他の観光客と同じじゃイヤと言っている人は多いはず。今回は、パリジェンヌにもなかなか知られてない素晴らしい体験が出来る情報をお伝えします。L’ete en France, tout le monde partir en vacances pour s’amuser dans les bateaux en Sud de la France. Mais n’oubliez pas ! même a Paris, on peut s’amuser avec le petit bateau.
パリ北東にあるOurcqの川には、船免許がいらないオートマチックの小船をお得に借りることが出来るレンタル屋さん「MARIN D’EAU DOUCE」
Do you like cruise on the river in Paris? Of course I don’t ask you to take touristic boat. Let’s take the small boat with your friends/lover to pass amazing time in Paris with champagne 🙂 at MARIN D’EAU DOUCE, We can rent the boat by reasonable price.
It open until 9AM to 10PM, so We can do anything (breakfast, lunch, apero and diner) with friends for fun or with your lover to be romantic. Of course, We can just ring the cafe on the river with your dog.
船は、一番小さい5人乗りの船だと1時間 40ユーロ〜借りることが出来るので、思った以上にお得である。
Price is very reasonable from 40euros. ex: 1h 40euros, 4h 100euros for small boat max 5 peoples.
We can move 20km on the river Ourcq (Paris North East) and We can stop some of the boat station and We can walk on the parc/go to restaurant etc…

Be careful, We need take reservation to take your boat sur. and It’s run right side (not like Japan/UK…) So if another boat came near your boat. you should turn right.
And the bridge will open each 2h to pass another side of river.
It’s very dangerous if you don’t know this situation. Because you need wait to open this gate bridge!
And Don’t go to near yellow line… Anyway it’s automatic and easy for running. (of course We don’t need the certification)
We can enjoy to check some place very artistic.
If you want to make the party, You can bring some alcohol and sandwiches etc… If You don’t take, You can buy pic-nic basket there.
大切な旅の思いで作りに、ボートの上でアペリティフなんていかがでしょうか? 次は、夜、素敵な人とロマンチックにシャンパンでも飲みながら過ごしたい!
You can enjoy with this service. Next time I want to bring my friends for aperitif or maybe one guy to be romantic with Champagne ?! 😉 Let’s do it ! hehehe
37 Quai de la Seine, 75019 Paris +33 1 42 09 54 10
Photo : Miki
copyright© 2012-15 MIKI TV All rights reserved. by Miki UE video journalist


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