The most beautiful Airlines Lounge

毎回、色んな空港の色んな航空会社ラウンジに入ると、そこの国の特徴がでているけれど、世界で最もといってもいいほど美しいラウンジは、世界三大料理の国であるトルコのイスタンブール アタテュルク国際空港にある。Je voyage pas mal de fois mais je ne jamais visiter un salon Lounge aéroport aussi belle que celle-ci. On check comment elle est belle!
turkish Airlines Lounge 7
At Atatürk International Airport (Istanbul airport) , We found airline lounge which like heaven. This gate open just for first or business class costumer / Star Alliance gold member. The ambient between inside and out side of lounge is totally different… (I don’t want to say how but You can imagine if you know here is one of the big hub airport for Africa/Arab states/Europe…) Anyway, let’s check this excellent video.

Touch entrance gate with the boarding ticket and gate will open. At first We can put everything on the looker with key lock if you want. And let’s to be relax.
turkish Airlines Lounge 6
It looks like lounge of  luxury hotel !
turkish Airlines Lounge 8
Not so many people try to go down to 1st floor. So, If you want to stay quite, come there.
turkish Airlines Lounge 9
I arrived here at 4 AM but cooking chefs are always prepare good foods for customer. They from Do&Co company (very famous catering company for airlines)
turkish Airlines Lounge 11
Turkey is one of the grand cuisine country, and it’s looks like buffet for luxury hotel. My favorite is this turkish beans soup. I choose this for my breakfast.
turkish Airlines Lounge 1
lovely pains ❤
turkish Airlines Lounge 5
More than more, people is coming, then new foods come too… If you love cakes, don’t forget to taste DEMEL’s homemade cake. These give me elegance moment with good tea and turkish caffe. Of course everything free… Because here is heaven.
turkish Airlines Lounge 13
This is diner before my flight from Istanbul to Tokyo at night. I had more choice but I already ate at airplane from Paris so I take it fir tasting.
turkish Airlines Lounge 12
Drink some Cocktails….
turkish Airlines Lounge 2
Playing billiards with prestige guys…..
turkish Airlines Lounge 3
バーチャルゴルフ場まで完備!他にもキッズルームやPS4のゲーム機、iMac などエンターテインメントが盛りだくさん。これなら退屈しない上、ラウンジでの良い出会いもありそうね❤
Then virtual Golf, Kid’s room, PS4, iMac etc…. They prepare wonderful entertainment. Maybe I can meet some prestige business guy?! hihi (finally not this time…)
turkish Airlines Lounge 4
This shower room is so amazing.  And also They have some bed room but I couldn’t reserved…..

And this gorgeous toilette is so clean and beautiful.
turkish Airlines Lounge 10
ラウンジに入れない人も、午前8時頃までに ビジネスクラスの場合7時間以上、エコノミークラスの場合10時間以上で使用できる無料ホテルサービス(行き先までは送迎バス付き)もあるけれど、入出国及びホテルデスクの手続きで相当時間がかかってしまうので、ビジネスクラスだからといって7時間ギリギリのトランジェットのときは、潔くラウンジに行った方が無難。
If your transit is so long (more 7h for business class, 10h for economy class costumer), you can ask hotel disk to get room. It’s free, but sometime many people wait for that… Be careful the time….
turkish Airlines Lounge 15
And also They organize Istanbul free tour, if you have more 6h of transit between 9AM to 6PM, try it!
Photo : Miki
copyright© 2012-15 MIKI TV All rights reserved. by Miki UE video journalist


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