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Special sushi and cocktail for the women’s’ Festival

3月3日は、ひな祭り。子供の時はお祝いをしたけれど大人になってひな人形を飾る機会がなくなった女性も多いのでは?でも見つけちゃったのです。おとなの女性の心をくすぐる「おとなひな祭り」を・・・ Le 3 mars, c’est la fête des filles au Japon. Pour l’occasion, l’hôtel Hilton Tokyo organise un menu spécial “la fête des femmes” pour que même les adultes puissent profiter de cette fête …
tsunohazu- the Girls' Festival6ひな人形を最後に飾ったのは何歳の頃だっただろうか?女の子の健やかな成長を願う「ひな祭り」を、今年はおとなの女性にも存分に楽しめるようにとヒルトン東京ダイニングフロアTSUNOHAZUでは、2つのひな祭りプランを用意!噂を聞きつけた私は早速行ってきました。
Hilton Tokyo proposed a special menu to celebrate the “girl’s festival”. This is a traditional ceremony in japan on 3rd March. This is the reason why Hilton Tokyo wants woman to enjoy this day. So we can taste it in two restaurants of TSUNOHAZU (dining floor at the Hilton Hotel Tokyo).
tsunohazu- the Girls' Festival12
「十二颯」では、 おとなひな祭りスペシャル寿司メニューをご用意!彩り鮮やかな手まり寿司は塩漬けの桜を添えた季節の白身魚や海老、マグロ、コハダなど日替わりで7貫。
At “Junisoh”, we can choose a special sushi menu! 7 recommended ball shushi with small Sakura on salt.
tsunohazu- the Girls' Festival9
前菜の盛り合わせ、お吸い物、桜アイスクリーム、そしてロゼ スパークリングワインがセットになったランチタイム限定のメニュ!
Appetizer platter, Japanese soup, cherry ice cream and Rosé sparkling wine are all included ! It’s limited at lunch time.
tsunohazu- the Girls' Festival5
Price is just 3,500 yen (26euro) ! Temari Sushi, are made in a cute size which is also easy to eat for women.
tsunohazu- the Girls' Festival7
あまりの可愛さになかなか食べることが出来なかった・・・3月16日(月)まで 午前11時30~午後3時までの限定。
It’s so cute that I didn’t want to eat it.. This menu is limited until March 16th (Monday) from 11:30 am to 3:00 pm.
tsunohazu- the Girls' Festival11
Next ! at the Bar & Lounge ZATTA, they proposed spring three types of limited cocktail for woman’s festival ! limited until March 31 (Tuesday) from 11:00 am to 1:00pm (Thursday, Friday, Saturday to 3 pm).
tsunohazu- the Girls' Festival3
1st cocktail is “Sakuramochi cocktail” with cherry liqueur, red beans liqueur, Sheikh bean jam, peach nectar, cream, etc..
tsunohazu- the Girls' Festival10
I had never taste this cocktail ! It really feels like drinking the sakuramochi !! and esthetic is beautiful too !
tsunohazu- the Girls' Festival1
2nd cocktail is “Ram Anmitsu” with dark rum, brown sugar sake, ice cream, agar, white jade, black beans and fruits…. I Recommend this for dessert.
tsunohazu- the Girls' Festival8
Then 3rd cocktail is “Mitarashi Martini”. Mitarashi dango is a dumpling covered with kuzu sauce seasoned with soy sauce and sugar. So this cocktail is based on the mirin and soy sauce that was aged three years, then mixed with rice shochu and maple syrup. It represents the taste of mirin and soy sauce Mitarashi dingo ! Can you imagine a cocktail with SOY SAUCE???!!!
tsunohazu- the Girls' Festival4
Very impressive …. to taste this extraordinaries cocktail with mitarashi dango ! wow just delicious. Such a surprise !
tsunohazu- the Girls' Festival15
If you visit wearing your Kimono and order this menu, you can get a present from the Hilton Tokyo ! Because they want to create a special moment for women during “the women’s’ Festival”.

Photo : MIKI, Merci pour ta correction Florian.R !
copyright© 2012-15 MIKI TV All rights reserved. by Miki UE video journalist

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