Go Go My Little Paris Office !

日本でも人気上昇中の『My Little Box』のパリのオフィスへ久しぶりにいったら凄いことに!Comme j’étais à Paris, je suis allée visiter un bureau que les Parisiennes rêvent de visiter. Lequel? Celui de My Little Paris !
mylittleparis office paris1
My Little Paris』は、フランス人なら誰でも知る情報サイト。
“My Little Paris” is one of lifestyle website that every french people use for find good deals. And I know founder and employees of My Little Paris because I often visit when I am in Paris.
mylittleparis office paris8
My Little Paris is a good way for young parisiennes to find beauty information, nice restaurants, secret sales and party etc… It’s beginning to get bigger and bigger so the secret base is spreading !
mylittleparis office paris10
I started visit here two years ago and the office grew up like a tree.
mylittleparis office paris2
At the office, I met many Parisiennes it girls !
mylittleparis office paris3
They are so fashionable.
mylittleparis office paris4
The office is divided with editorial , trade, graphic and video production etc…
mylittleparis office paris880
at this is the secret LAB room, where they talk about new project
mylittleparis office paris6
and in this conner, I found a bathroom?!!
mylittleparis office paris7
階段を降りて外に出て小さなドアを開けると・・・デザインチームが働いているではないか。ここでは、My Little Boxのボックスやリーフレット、付録などを考えたり実際に作ってみたり。おっと、奥にはフォトスタジオも!なんと面白いオフィスなんだ。
Going down the stairs, we find a small door and the design team work inside. They are working on the next “My Little Box” leaflets or another interesting gadget. If they need original photo, just use and take one at Photo studio. This office is so fun !
『My Little Paris』のグループには、現在、リオン向けの『My Little Lyon』 マルセイユ向けの『My little Marseille』 ,ウェディング向けの『 My Little Wedding』子供向けの『My Little Kids』、そして、男性向けの『Merci Alfred』など多くの媒体があります。
Now My Little Paris have My Little Lyon (for Lyonnais), My Little Marseille (for Marseillais), My Little Wedding (for wedding), My Little Kids (for kid’s) and Merci Alfred (for men’s)
mylittleparis office paris9
If you visit France and if you want to be real Parisienne, don’t buy any PARIS guide. All you need is My Little Paris app on your phone 😉
Photo : MIKI, Merci pour ta correction Florian.R !
copyright© 2012-14 MIKI TV All rights reserved. by Miki UE video journalist


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