face care at salon HO’ME

自由が丘の隠れ家サロンHO’ME を友人からご紹介頂いたので行ってきました!業界セレブや多くの外国人モデルなどが密かに通う有名サロンらしい。その秘密をチェックしてきました〜★Je suis allée au salon HO’ME à Jiyugaoka, un quartier au sud-est de Tokyo, suite au conseil d’une amie ! C’est un salon d’esthétique dans lequel les célébrités passent souvent. J’ai donc voulu découvrir les secrets de ce salon !

こちらのサロンでは、ボディカラーリング、フェイシャル/ボディ TopJen™、ボディ ALEX-S を扱っていて、今回は試しにフェイシャルの『お試し60分 10500円』メニュをチョイス!むくみたくさんのお顔なので老廃物をきっちり流してもらわなければ!
In this salon, we can find tree types of menu: body color ring, facial TopJen ™, and body care ALEX-S. This day, I tried “trial 60 minutes” for ¥ 10,500! Because my face was very tired and I needed something !!

This salon is famous for body coloring with immediate coloration of the skin to reach the ideal tan beauty without any risks of burning and harmful exposure to UV rays. The effects continue at least 1 or 2 weeks so we can try it like make up. Very interesting.

This crazy machine is like disco! It’s an ultimate diet and relaxation machine ALEX-S from Italy. You just need to stay 30 minutes in the machine and it burns up to 800 calories, usually attained with approximately 15km marathon! It’s too easy for diet…
TopJen ™ is the latest facial and body solution based on TriPollar which I try to used this time. It was developed by Pollogen company from Israel. The warm energy got into my skin and I felt it burned at the beginning.
After 60 minutes of massage & “machine attack” on my face, it was getting warmer. I felt the tension of my skin decreasing. You’re supposed to be able to feel the lift-up effect after 3 days.
homne2 copie
施術後は、ミネラルコスメ ジェーンアイルデールのアイテムが無料で使えるので、手ぶらでも大丈夫!
After the treatment, we can use the mineral cosmetics from Jane Iredale items for free.
Next time, I’d like to order the body coloring to shine and have tan skin during winter.

HO’ME (ホーム)
東京都目黒区自由が丘1−3−28 B1F (1-3-28, Jiyugaoka, Meguro-ku, Tokyo)
Photo : MIKI, Merci pour ta correction Florian.R !
copyright© 2012-14 MIKI TV All rights reserved. by Miki UE video journalist


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