Hilton Tokyo New dining floor TSUNOHAZU

10月31日、ヒルトン東京 2階フロア全面に『TSUNOHAZU』というダイニングエリアが登場。3つのレストラン、バー、パティセリーからなる斬新でカジュアルシックな空間を体験!Le 31 octobre a eu lieu l’inauguration de la zone de restauration “TSUNOHAZU” à l’hôtel Hilton de Tokyo, située sur toute la surface du deuxième étage. Composée de trois restaurants, d’un bar, et d’une pâtisserie, c’est un espace proposant une expérience casual chic.

The long-established hotel “Hilton Tokyo” celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. During those 30 years, the hotel had become the forerunner of foreign hotels in Japan. With an investment of about 1.2 billion yen, they created an innovative dining area that does not exist in any luxury hotels around the world. Its starts with an open floor casual space, but the further you’re going the more private it becomes. Total area is 2171㎡ for a total of 532 seats. That’s a huge dining floor. By the way, the name “TSUNOHAZU” is coming from the old town name including the Nishi-Shinjuku whole area, where the hotel is located.
1 day before opening the place, Hilton Tokyo organized a cocktail party with CEO, Chefs, designer architecture and Hilton Tokyo ambassador Izumi MORI for talk show and they also organizes a mini fashion show of restaurant uniforms. Now let’s go check the “TSUNOHAZU“!
まずは、入口付近にある バー&ラウンジ 『ZATTA』
At first, We found the bar& lounge called “ZATTA” near the entrance. That was our starting point for this culinary journey…
アペリティフに気軽に足を踏み入れることが出来る空間。新宿の夜景を観、ライブ演奏を聴きロマンチックな時間を過ごすことができるカジュアルシックなバー。そろそろお腹がすいたかな?と思ったら、エリア内にあるレストランの料理をオーダーすることも可能なので、そのままディナーを楽しむこともできれば、もっとプライベートな空間へ時間と共に移動することもできる。きゃ〜★ 木、金、土、祝前日は、午前3時まで営業しているのでアフターにも良。
This space is perfect to take the aperitif. You have a beautiful view of Shinjuku by night, and you can listen to the live music and spend a romantic time at this casual chic bar. If you are hungry, it’s also possible to order food from the restaurants in the area, but of course, we wanted to enjoy the dinner in a more private space ★ On Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and public holidays, it is open until 3 AM, so it’s good for after party too.
パティセリー FILOUでは、夜10時まで空いているのでディナー後の口直しにも良!
Patisserie FILOU“, is good also after dinner to find some deserts because it opens until 10pm!
Then we found the “METROPOLITAN GRILL“,
You cannot miss the tender dry-aged beef and fresh seafood dynamically grilled in an open kitchen area. This place must be so hot!
And my number one favorite place was in front of “Fresh meat display”. Eating Lamb chops in front of this was kinda wild and exceptional! Wine menu is also really nice …
Capture d’écran 2014-10-31 à 02.20.53
The only Chinese restaurant “OCHO” kept the same name in this renovated area. But they put a Beijing Duck dedicated oven which is more power-up than before, and invited a chief from Guangdong !
Last restaurant is a Teppanyaki grill and sushi Japanese restaurant called “JUNISOH
They offer a splendid experience for your special occasions. Don’t forget to check tableware and various types of salt.
They have 3 types of different grill places and black & white modern sushi counter place. Enjoy fresh ingredients cooked right in front of you and you can choose condiments and plate ware.
They have different kind of room. (of course you need to pay extra charge..)
So you can choose to spend a fun time at the counter with chief or to stay in a private room to have a romantic time. During cocktail, I stayed there … hehe
Anyway I will go back there soon because I got a lunch or dinner invitation from the “social media posting game” on instagram. So excited!
あなたは、どの空間が気に入りましたか? 私は改装された客室も気になっちゃったわ。ん?
Which place do you like the most? I am also interested by the hotel rooms that have been renovated too. :p

TSUNOHAZU Hilton Tokyo – ヒルトン東京
Place: 6-6-2, Nishi Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo (東京都新宿区西新宿6-6-2 ヒルトン東京2階)
Tel: 03-5324-8039
Photo : MIKI, Hilton Tokyo, Merci pour ta correction Florian.R !
copyright© 2012-14 MIKI TV All rights reserved. by Miki UE video journalist

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