Red Carpet dream with Chopard

長年カンヌ映画祭に参加することを目標と生きている私ですが、長年パートナーシップを結んでいるスイスハイエンドジュエリーブランド ショパールは、映画祭になくてはならない存在。そんなショパールの銀座本店が先日リオープンしたので潜入してきました!Chopard is something dream for all ladies who love luxury and cinema. I had an occation to talk with Chopard family (Mr. Karl-Friedrich Scheufele and his wife Christine) for Re opening party of Chopard Ginza store.
chopard ginza1

Chopard = Red carpet of Festival de Cannes. Now lot of people think about it. and for me too… Every year since 2006 when I started to study cinema in Paris , I had a dream to go to Cannes… Because….  I admire to walk on the red carpet with beautiful jewelry and beautiful dress with beautiful peoples… This is my image for Chopard…

And New Ginza store, it construct from tree floors.
chopard ginza9
1 nd floor is for present new collection items.
chopard ginza8
During the event, They offers champagne and special game.
chopard ginza7
2nd floor, We can find men’s items… and last floor, Yes amazing floor…. We can find bridal salon and Red carpet space with beautiful jewelry … uhhhhh I can’t imagine how much…
chopard ginza2
I like here… Elegant space with many history of Cannes….

And I had a chance to talk with Chopard family Mr. Karl-Friedrich Scheufele and his wife Christine. French language is very utile… because it give me a chance to talk with excellent people.
chopard ginza6
Next year, Chopard will get 20th anniversary of official partnership with Festival de Cannes.
chopard ginza4
They have a independent prize “Chopard prize” which admire for young cinema people like Marion Cotillard, Audrey Tautou or Léa Seydoux..(I have some link with 3 ladies in Paris… So fun… )
chopard ginza5なんて思ってしまったのは別として、、フランス映画業界になくてはならない存在であるショパール、今度こそカンヌ映画祭に行かなくては。。

On ne peut pas quitter entre Chopard et le film français… J’espère que l’année prochaine je pourrais venir le festival de Cannes pour marcher le tapis rouge… 😉
ショパール ブティック 銀座本店 
東京都中央区銀座2-4-14 ショパールビルディング


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