Lady Chic by Grosse Glace jewelry brand

エル・ガールでお馴染みのItガールがディレクションをしている「グロッセ・グラッセ」の2015年春夏展示会へ突撃!カワイイ&インターナショナルなコレクションをチェック★ La “It Girl” du magazine ELLEgirl s’occupe de la marque “Grosse Glace”. Elle me présente la nouvelle collection printemps été 2015. Découvrez cette collection mignonne & international depuis le Japon!Lady Chic by Grosse Glace5
“Grosse Glace” is a casual jewelry brand from “Grosse”, which have a 100 years old history with German and Hollywood actress.
Lady Chic by Grosse Glace1
展示会場には多くの花とフードやドリンク達が私を迎えてくれた。またもや、愛用して飲んでいるSOLAN DE CABRASのミネラルウォーター発見!最近すごいね。
The exhibition hall had a lot of flowers, food and drinks to welcome us.
Lady Chic by Grosse Glace2
“Grosse Glace” is directed from Yuki and she focuses on KAWAII Japan. It’s so HOT and just by putting it you can become a “It Girl” like her★
Lady Chic by Grosse Glace4
It has attracted the attention of mix european and delicate Japanese taste and it’s also praised by many international celebrities.
Lady Chic by Grosse Glace8
The theme of 2015 Spring Summer collection is “Lady chic”. It match casual style and dressy style. It’s fun and elegant.
Lady Chic by Grosse Glace7
個人的に気に入ったのはこの愛嬌のあるスマイリー。今流行のパールに2way仕様のピアス❤ すっごくおすすめ!
Personally, my favorite one is a charming smiley piece It’s 2way specifications and so mode now !
Lady Chic by Grosse Glace6
また、11月に発売し、すでに完売続出のシンガーソングライターで、CanCamモデルとしても活躍中の”まいまい”ことchayの初コラボ・ジュエリー『chay x Grosse Glace』もお目にかかれたわ。
In addition, She launched a new collection “chay x Grosse Glace” in November which collaborated with chay singer-songwriter and model.
Lady Chic by Grosse Glace3
I hope this brand will become even bigger to present the Japanese chic and Kawaii !
I hope a future success to yuki with Young power !
Photo : MIKI, Merci pour ta correction Florian.R !
copyright© 2012-14 MIKI TV All rights reserved. by Miki UE video journalist

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