Casual chic Bordeaux wine and excellent Franco-Japonais diner

ボルドーワイン委員会がオーガナイズしたワインを引き立てるディナー会にて、リーズナブルなワインを美味しく頂く秘訣を学びました。高いワインだけが美味しいという観念を捨て、料理とワインのトータルコーディネートをチェック。This time I learned how to enjoy reasonable price of wine at a dinner party which Bordeaux Wine Council in Japan organised. Put your fixed idea which is the only expensive wines are delicious and check the total coordination of food and wine. Let’s Check casual chic Franco-Japonais diner with Bordeaux wine at restaurant “une relation Su” at Ginza. English version is coming soon.
bordeaux winclub3

ワイン界で著名な田崎真也さんのレストランでシェフとして務められていた和田伸也さんとボルドーワイン委員会は、バリューボルドーとペアリングしたオリジナル料理をもてなした夕べを演出。場所は、11月に銀座にオープンしたばかりの和田伸也さんのレストラン『une relation Su』。ディナーでは、レコール・デュ・ヴァンの講師であり、ワインエキスパートである瀬川あずささんによる、ボルドーワインの楽しみ方についてお話しいただきました。
Mr. Shinya Wada, a head chef at the restaurant of Mr. Shiya Tasaki (the famous Sommelier in the world as you know), and Bordeaux Wine Council performed a special dinner and reasonable Bordeaux’s marriage. The restaurant is『une relation Su』which opened in November 2015 in Ginza. Ms. Azusa Segawa, a wine expert and a lecturer of L’école du Vin, talked about how to enjoy the Bordeaux wine at the dinner.
まずは、ボルドー産のシャンパンと呼ばれるクレマン『ジャン・ルイ・バララン・クレマン・ド・ボルドー』で乾杯!前菜である「北海道産 雲丹と百合根のムース、パルメザンチーズとケシの実、フロマージュのフリット 」と共に・・・クリアなハチミツとほんのりスパイシーな口当たりがgood!
First, we toasted with『JEAN LOUIS BALLARIN CREMANT DE BORDEAUX』which is like a Champagne from Bordeaux. The amuse-bouche was 「Sea urchin from Hokkaido and lily bulb’s mousse」and 「parmesan tuile and cheese croquette」. The sparkling wine was clearly honey taste and taste of spices. It was good with the starters.
bordeaux winclub10
Next is the Medoc rating first -class chateau , along with the white wine 『Clarendelle Blanc』 to inherit the lineage of Château Haut-Brion. The second course was 「 smoked soy sauce jelly and Ayame snow turnip puree 」. In soy sauce it becomes jelly-like and spicy flavor is perfect for Sauvignon.
bordeaux winclub7
3つ目は、『レ ザマン・デュ・モン=ペラ ロゼ』Les Amants=恋人たちと名付けられた♥︎
Third one was 『Les Amants Du Mont-Perat Rose』named Les Amants = Lover ❤
bordeaux winclub2_pp
瀬川あずささん曰く、ロゼワインは「女性を美しく、若く見せる」効果があるのだとか・・・そんなロマンチックなワインには、とっても愛らしい「静岡産 フルーツトマトのファルス」を。甘みにあるビーツによるロゼカラーを演出。また、かなり貴重価値な赤色のやまめも特別に取り寄せたとか・・・
Ms. Segawa said rose wine affect women “look beautiful and look young”… The third course is a lovely 『Stuffed fruit tomato from Shizuoka』with such a romantic wine. The colour of the rose wine is produced with the sweet beets. I also heard a rumour, the red trouts the Chef served us were a delicacy and were a special order.
bordeaux winclub6
The fourth wine was『Mouton Cadet Rouge Classique』which is a casual version of very popular wine『Château Mouton- Cadet』. Traditionally wine ratings never got change once they are given, but this wine managed to move to the highest rank. This wine is 90% variety of Merlot which is soft, ripe and elegant taste and easy to drink. The dish for this wine was arranged of『Vinegar pickled Seki Mackerel with Ratatouille』. Normally people think Red wine = Meat dishes but this light taste red wine is perfect with fish.
bordeaux winclub5
そして、お待たせいたしました〜メインの「岩手県産黒毛和牛 イチボのローストビーフと押し麦と鰻の炊き込み」と共に私が一番好きなタンニンがよく効いた重〜いタイプのワイン『シャトー・オー・ヴィニョー』を頂きました。ほのかなゆずの香りと鰻の炊き込みが和牛にぴったりで、そこにスパイス的にワインが+すると、もう最高。
And finally! The main course was『Roast Wagyu Aitchbone beef from Iwate Prefecture with Mixed of Pressed Barley and eel Rice』. The wine was my favourite wine 『Chateau Haut-Vigneau』which has very high tannin and heavy type of wine. The delicate yuzu flavour and mixed eel rice were perfect for the roast beef. And then the wine added as a superb spice which were marvellous marriage of food and wine!
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食後には、「紅茶の香る一皿 フォアグラのエッサンス」と共に、とっても甘い貴腐ワイン ソーテルヌ『カステルノー・ド・スデュイロ』。ソーテルヌと言えば、ワインの格付けで「特別1級」を取得した『シャトー・ディケム』との甘ーい贅沢な思い出を毎回思い出してしまう・・・
After the all courses, we had a glass of very sweet noble rot wine sauternes 『Castelnau De Suduirant』with『 A plate of foie gras essence with tea flavour』. When I drink Sauternes wine, it always reminds me the memory of the 「First Growth」wine『 Chateau d’Yquem』which was very sweet and luxury moment…
bordeaux winclub4
Every dish had good part of French and Japanese taste and they were tasteful dishes. The dinner was mainly enjoying wine so it was a perfect moderate course. They have a fashionable 1,000 yen lunch dish from 10:00 to 15:00, also 3,500yen and 5,000yen lunch course. They also have under 1,000yen per dish as a cafe menu (until 22:00 order Allowed). The restaurant is a same building as BALLY in Ginza. I really recommend the restaurant if you want to enjoy your meal as casual & elegant. I’d love to come back here when I have meeting or shopping around Ginza area.

une relation Su
東京都中央区銀座8-8-5 太陽ビル3F.
Photo : MIKI English version : Ayaka ❤
copyright© 2012-15 MIKI TV All rights reserved. by Miki video journalist


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