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Out of Retirement by Tiffany x Dover Street Market

ティファニーが、2015年11月21日からNY、ロンドン、銀座にあるドーバーストリートマーケットで限定コレクション『Out of Retirement™ – 伝説からの誕生』を発売する。各店舗1つしか売られない超貴重なアイテムもあるので、ティファニーLOVEの皆さん、急いで!Tiffany launched limited edition 『Out of Retirement』collection debuting at Dover Street Market in New York, Ginza (Tokyo), and London on November 21, 2015. All Tiffany lovers! You should hurry!!! There is very exclusive item which is sold only one each shop!
『Out of Retirement – 伝説からの誕生』は、1940年から現代にかけてお店にディスプレイしてきた8点のジュエリーと10点のギフトアイテムの全18アイテムのアーカイブから生まれたアイテムが個数限定で展開。
『Out of Retirement 』- very limited edition is comprised of 18 pieces: The eight jewels and ten gift items which are inspired by the gift collections from the 1940s to those of today.
This beautifully shiny 18k gold and Diamond Hinged Bracelet (Price:¥4914000) is only sold one each shop, and there are just three items in the world!
The other items are also very limited.
These all items are revivals to very stylish and modern design like Tiffany T!
Also this is the first time in its history that Tiffany has collaborated with another retailer on a capsule collection.
『Tiffany designs are never discontinued. They are simply retired.’

As a special look, the iconic Tiffany blue box with white ribbon is changed to Tiffany blue box with black ribbon! This is also very rare!!! I was very excited with Izumi chan☆
At cocktail party, people enjoyed with Tiffany blue boxes around them☆

そして忘れていけないのがディスプレイ!店頭には、ティファニーのウィンドウデザインを長年手がけたジーン・ムーアにインスパイアされた店舗ごとに異なるディスプレイが登場 。銀座は動物オブジェと共に、
And you must check the display! Each shop has different display but each shop has taken inspiration from the work of Gene Moore, who dressed Tiffany’s windows for long time. Nymphenburg animals in Ginza
cast hands in London
sculptural wood figures in New York, Each shop is display from a different view.
コラボレーションスペースは1月8日まで世界3カ所にて!永遠にモダンで愛されるティファニーの『Out of Retirement』、冬休みにロンドンやNYへ行く方、他国のディスプレイもチェックしてみては?
Collaboration space is until January 8th,2016 at Tokyo, New York, and London DSM!
If you go to London or New York for winter vacation, why don’t you check Dover Street Market there?
Diver Street Market Ginza
6-9-5, Ginza Chuo-ku, Tokyo
21th November 2015 – 8th January 2016
Photo : Miki, English version : Ayaka 
copyright© 2012-15 MIKI TV All rights reserved. by Miki UE video journalist


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