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When I can be a princess someday…..Ultimate jewelry…

ティファニーのジュエリー発表会にて同時にお披露目された希少性がかなり高いダイヤモンドを見る機会に恵まれた私!みなさんも写真ですが、ぜひチェックしてみて。I had the opportunity to see high rarity diamonds at the Tiffany jewellery party same time! Although photograph, please check them!
Pink , orange , yellow, and so on ….these highly rare coloured diamonds are set faithfully by hands for the brand tradition and they emitted the noble sparkles .
「ファンシーカラーダイヤモンド」として認められるのは、たった一握りであり、自然界に存在する最も素晴らしい輝きと彩度を持つのが、ティファニーの 「ファンシーカラーダイヤモンド」。
Only a handful diamonds are accepted as 『 fancy coloured diamonds 』And the most wonderful brilliance and saturation in the natural world is 『 fancy coloured diamonds 』from Tiffany.
The yellow diamond emits a powerful pure shine like the sunlight, and the pink diamond shines as brightly and happily. The orange diamonds gives us energy .
Also, the very valuable purple diamond that is produced only ONE in a few years was there!
Adorable and magnificent shining coloured diamonds from Tiffany make me so excited. I wonder… someday I can wear it……
Photo : Miki, English version : Ayaka 
copyright© 2012-15 MIKI TV All rights reserved. by Miki UE video journalist


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