The greatest dinner beyond time and space

「OMEGA スピードマスター セレブレーション」の華やかなイベントに潜入!私が最も東京で大好きなロケーションでのスペシャルイベントは、今年一番ドキドキさせた★ I joined 『OMEGA Speedmaster Celebration』which was gorgeous event! The place for the special event was the most favourite place in Tokyo and it was the most exciting day in this year!
At dinner time, finally the Spacecraft cockpit was opened! There was a huge dining room which is like space! All guests were very surprised and excited.
Because we could see runways and airplane (probably Boeing787) after a beautiful dinner table!
It’s not normal sight, isn’t it?

ジェットセッター MIKIは、興奮度マックス。
A jet-setter Miki was super excited!!
足元には星の絨毯。ロジェヴィヴィエのNeon Archiなシューズもさぞかし喜んだことだろう。
A carpet on the floor was a patterns of stars. My sweet Neon Archi from Roger Vivier must be happy to feel the carpet!
BGMには、ピンクフロイドなど宇宙を想像させる選曲が響いた!学生時代、『2001年宇宙の旅(A space Odyssey)』の映画にシンクロしたEchoesのビデオを家の壁に映写しながら、友人らとワイン会を楽しんだものだ。懐かしい・・・
It was perfect selection of background music as Pink Floyd which I could imagine in a space. When I was a university student, I had a wine party at my flat. And we played Echoes from Pink Floyd which synchronized with 2001 A Space Odyssey!! That brings back memories.

There were talk events at the party. Yosuke Eguchi who was a secret guest talked about universe of space with passion at a event show.
江口洋介といえば、宇宙特番に滝川クリステルと出演していたけれど、偶然にも弟のロランが私の席のお隣ご近所さんだった。 笑
He appeared a special TV program about universe and space with Christel Takigawa. And her younger brother, Laurent, sit next to me.
また、ラヴェル元船長と日本人女性宇宙飛行士 山崎直子を交えたトークショーも!
The retired captain Lovell, Jr. and Naoko Yamazaki who is Japanese female astronaut talked about the Universe also!
I don’t know about the Universe a lot but they gave us examples from movies as 『Apollo 13』and 『Gravity』so it was easier to understand very much.
1969年、人類が初めてアポロ11号にて月面着陸を果たした宇宙飛行士の腕に付けられていた時計 オメガ。
In 1969, When the first humans stepped on the lunar surface, one of astronaut was wearing a watch which was OMWGA.

2015年、地球から見える月にインスピレーションを受けて新たに開発された「ホワイトサイド オブ ザ ムーン」や「スヌーピーウォッチ」、バスティアン・ベイカー愛用の「ダークサイド オブ ザ ムーン」の新モデルなどと、過去から現在、未来に至る『オメガと宇宙』ヒストリーが満載な一夜でした。
In 2015, Omega inspired from a view of the moon from earth and produced a new watch 『White side of the moon』. Also they produced 『Speedmaster Apollo13 (Silver snoopy award)』. There is another famous watch from them,『Dark side of the moon』,as Bastian Baker wears. … I felt and learned so many thing about Omega history the night!

Photo : Miki, Omega Official , English version : Ayaka
copyright© 2012-15 MIKI TV All rights reserved. by Miki UE video journalist

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