Where am I going?

伝説のアポロ13の事故で窮地にたちつつも、無事地球に生還した中の1人、ジェームズ・A・ラヴェル元船長 (トム・ハンクスではありません!)を招いて、オメガ スピードマスターのスペシャルパーティが都内で行われた。とっても豪華で興奮度満載よ!  The special party of OMEGA Speedmaser took place in Tokyo. Omega invited retired captain James A. Lovell, Jr. (It’s not Tom Hanks!) who was the commander of the legendary Apollo 13 mission. It should be amazing and very exciting!

毎回予測不能なイベント会場で、サプライズな演出をおもてなしする時計ブランド オメガ。去年は、栃木県にある地下数百メートルの洞窟の中で、磁石に強い時計機能co-Axialのお披露目パーティが行われたけれど、今年は、初めて月に行った時計 スピードマスターがテーマ。さあ、どんな会場に連れて行かれるのやら〜 楽しみで仕方がない。
Omega always makes surprise and fabulous hospitality as I can’t imagine where the party is going to be! They had a launch party for the Co-Axial escapement system at a cave which is abseil few hundreds meters in Tochigi prefecture last year! This year, the theme is Speedmaster which was the first watch worn by an astronaut walking on the moon. So I have no idea where the party is going to be! I can’t wait to be there!
omega The Great Adventure of Master Co-Axial 4
銀座から約30分、Google map で場所を確認しても、どこへ向かっているのかさっぱりわからなかった。レインボーブリッジを超え、どんどん南の辺鄙なところへ向かっていく。毎月、空港に向かう際、タクシーから同じような景色を眺めている気がしたけれど、その辺りにある空き倉庫でも借りたのかな?
It took 30 minutes from Ginza, and I checked google map to where I am, I still couldn’t figure it out… It passed the rainbow bridge and went down to south. I go to the Haneda airport every month, I’ve seen similar views from a taxi so I thought they might use one of warehouse.

Finally, I arrived the destination!
!?!Google mapで、確認すると「羽田国際空港」・・・
What!? I looked at google map, it was….『Haneda International Airport』!
Really!? I couldn’t believe but there was logo of OMEGA after the high security fences in the airport!
フェンスをくぐり抜け、コートを預け、まずは一枚記念撮影!この日のために用意した宇宙を思わせるガウンドレスも煌めいてるでしょ。イベント数日前に表参道通りにある某ブティックにて駆け込み購入したこのガウン、仕立ての時間が間に合わないということで、自身で仮仕立てしたんです。今だから言える秘密話 笑
I wear my gorgeous dress which you can imagine the space of universe. So I took a memorial photo after I put my coat away at a cloakroom! Well… I bought it from a certain shop at Omotesando few days before the party. However…. there wasn’t enough time to tailor the dress so I did it! Now I can say…lol
Pass through the gate to go to Spacecraft cockpit….
辿り着いた 一面真っ白なカクテルスペース。
I arrived at a white space!!! It’s a cocktail bar area.
They displayed extract of Archives of speedmater from Omega museum in Switzerland.
OMEGA had a special event for speedmaster at Space Center Houston 4 months ago. George Clooney and astronaut are invited as special guests! And now they decided to have the party at the closest place from space in Tokyo! This is Omega! It’s incredible !!

なかなか直接見る機会はないので、シャンパン ボランジェを片手にアーカイブをチェック。
There is not so many chances to see the archives so I checked it with Bollinger Champagne…
Here is the first watch from Omega.
私の旅仲間 ホワイト色のスピードマスターを着けて来ようかとも思ったけれど、私の腕を見てもお分かりのように、今回はバタフライなんです。去年の今の時期ソウルにて出会ったバタフライがあまりにも美しく、それ以降、毎年この日はバタフライと決めてたのです。ごめんね、スピードマスター️
I was thinking to wear my white speedmaster today, but I chose my butterfly as you can see. This time last year I met my butterfly in Seoul which was a very beautiful. After that I only wear it for the Omega party every year. I’m sorry my speedmaster.

And you shouldn’t forget that NASA gave the Omega Speedmaster a Silver Snoopy award same date of 45 years ago. I was very pleasure to be there on the day with the retired captain Lovell!! I’m sure that all fans of the space are jealous!! hihihi
*シルバー・スヌーピー賞(Silver Snoopy Award)とは、有人宇宙飛行ミッションの成功に大きく貢献した人に与えられる賞でありオメガが、アポロ13号の帰還に大いに貢献したとしてNASAより与えられた。
The Silver Snoopy Award is a special honor awarded toNASA employees and contractors for outstanding achievements related to human flight safety or mission success.The award is given personally by NASA astronauts as it represents the astronauts’ own recognition of excellence.  (Reference:

45周年記念に作られた 限定ウォッチスヌーピーもキュートで素敵!ダイヤル上の0-14秒の間に書かれた「What could you do in 14seconds(14秒で何ができた?)」は、アポロ13号の宇宙飛行士たちが地球の大気圏に再突入する直前に究道修正に要した14秒を意味してる。人生で最も究極な1秒1秒を過ごしたことでしょう。
The Snoopy Award Limited Edition watch which produced to celebrate the 45th anniversary of Apollo 13. It ’s very cute! Look at the dial between 00:00 to 00:14, it says ‘What could you do in 14 seconds?’. It mean a reference to a 14-second course correction for the spacecraft reentry that the Apollo 13 astronauts successfully timed and completed to correct their return. They must spend the most suspenseful seconds in the life.
Now… The time has come to open the gate to go to a space.
And there is…..
うをおおおお〜 (続く)
wow wow wow!!!!!!!! (Continue)

Photo : Miki, , English version : Ayaka
copyright© 2012-15 MIKI TV All rights reserved. by Miki UE video journalist

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