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The Charming Bird special night !

からくり時計といえば、ジャケ・ドロー。世界で初めて、シンギング・バードのからくりを腕時計に搭載した世界限定28本、税込み 4500万円以上する超芸術時計をお披露目した「チャーミング・バード スペシャルナイト」に潜入!Une soirée magnifique avec une montre incroyable ! JAQUET DROZ montree le premiere montre qui a reussi de mettre un system d’automaton “singing bird”, Numerus Clausus à 28 exemplaires.
JAQUET DROZ organized the event “Charming bird special night”. It’s limited to only 28 units.
On this event, We had a chance to show this amazing watch with 15 VIP customer guests and 10 staff.
The Charming bird is a wristwatch that includes a tiny automaton bird inside the crystal, that sings and dances at the press of a button. It is the first singing bird automaton wristwatch.

This watch is so charming. but  it’s not cheap (US$500,000) !! Yes, because this mechanic is very very complicate and a watchmaker sped more 1 month to complete.

18-carat white gold case, Diameter 47 mm, Individual limited serial number engraved on the case-back, Rolled-edge hand made black alligator leather strap with black alligator leather lining and black stitches. It haven’t Waterproofing function. hmm I think We can’t imagine that I swim with this watch !! no way.

And same time, JAQUET DROZ presented The LADY 8 FLOWER. 7 karat of diamond with white gold with 227 snow-set diamonds (0.65 ct) and 54 blue sapphires (0.87 ct) ‘s butterfly. The diamond flower is just wow.
These watches are turn around the world to show JAQUET DROZ’s fun 🙂
jaquetdroz-charmingbird-party2 jaquetdroz-charmingbird-party3 jaquetdroz-charmingbird-party5 jaquetdroz-charmingbird-party4
この素晴らしい時計達をお目にかけることが出来て本当にラッキーなMIKI TVでした。
It was a wonderful time to show two amazing watch together.

I hope I can meet many JAQUET DROZ’s artistic amazing automaton wristwatch.

Photo : MIKI, Official
copyright© 2012-15 MIKI TV All rights reserved. by Miki UE video journalist


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