Arty & Spring at Comptoir des Cotonniers

3月7日(土)コントワー・デ・コトニエ青山店にて、私の友人でもあるイラストレーターAdrian Hoganを招いてイベントが開催された。とってもアーティーでファミリアルなイベントをチェック★Comptoir des Cotonniers organise un petit événement avec l’illustrateur Adrian Hogan. Il nous offre gratuitement un portrait avec la nouvelle collection de Comptoir ❤
Arty & Spring at Comptoir des Cotonniers10
Comptoir des Cotonniers organized a special events on March 7 Saturday with the illustrator Adrian Hogan. Trial fitting only, the illustrator Adrian Hogan make a sketch of our face with Comptoir cloths as a give away gift.
Arty & Spring at Comptoir des Cotonniers8
The events was from 15:00 to 18:00, just for 3h. But many Comptoir fans came to the boutique.
Arty & Spring at Comptoir des Cotonniers2
Me ? I found on Facebook someone posting a photo of the event so I went there to enjoy as well 😉
Arty & Spring at Comptoir des Cotonniers3
We found Adrian’s installation very cute. It’s more Parisienne ambiance than usually.
パリ仲間 樋口智恵子さんとセレクションしてこのルックをチョイス。私はカジュアルシックにブラックワンピースにデニムジャケット、智恵子さんはホワイトカラーの涼しげなワンピースでとってもエレガントに!ちなみに皆からステキと言われたハットは、フランス生まれの Mon Parisien。そんな訳で、今日は正真正銘フレンチスタイル。
My Paris lover friend Chieko also came here. We selected the style. I’m a casual chic with black dress, denim jacket and special shoes. Chieko is more elegant with this white dress. And my hat ? It’s a hat from the brand Mon Parisien from france. So we are 100% French Style 😉
Comptoir new collection is inspired by this beautiful blue. Check it.
Arty & Spring at Comptoir des Cotonniers4
And you can feel free to enjoy your style along with Comptoir des Cotonniers new items !
Arty & Spring at Comptoir des Cotonniers5
気分は既に夏★ Natalia のルックも素敵だわ。
Natalia (Tokyoholic) is also putting on the Comptoir Style 😉
Arty & Spring at Comptoir des Cotonniers9
Finally it was my turn.
Arty & Spring at Comptoir des Cotonniers7
I was so exciting to do it.
Arty & Spring at Comptoir des Cotonniers1
After a few minutes, Adrian finished to draw the portrait and I showed it to me….! WooW I’m a very elegant woman, thankssss !
Arty & Spring at Comptoir des Cotonniers12

Arty & Spring at Comptoir des Cotonniers11
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コントワー・デ・コトニエ 青山店 
港区北青山3−5−15 (3-5-15, Kitaaoyama, Minato-ku)
Adrian Hogan
Photo : MIKI, Merci pour ta correction Florian.R !
copyright© 2012-15 MIKI TV All rights reserved. by Miki video journalist


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