Nancy Lorenz’s collection at Les Arts Decoratifs Paris

パリのルーブル美術館の一角にあるパリ装飾美術館で、パリのオート クチュールファッションウィークの間、アポイントメント制でアメリカ発 ジュエリーの オート クチュールの展示会が行われた。さあ素敵なジュエリーをチェック。Au sein du Musée des Arts Décoratifs, dans le coin du Musée du Louvre à Paris, et ce pendant la Fashion Week Haute Couture, se tient l’exposition de la haute couture de la bijouterie en provenance des États-Unis.
Temple St.Clair & Nancy Lorenz5
ニューヨークベースのTemple St. Clair Carr とジュエリーデザイナー ナンシー・ロレンツ氏によるジュエリーコレクションがパリで発表された。
Master jewelry designer, Temple St. Clair and fine artist Nancy Lorenz presented their unprecedented collaboration at Les Arts Decoratifs Paris during Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week on January 29 2015.
Temple St.Clair & Nancy Lorenz2
St. Clair has created nine one-of-a-kind couture jewels (Great Horned Owl, Sleeping Fox, Flying Fish, Medusa Moon Jellyfish, Phoenix Chicks, The Frog Prince, Sea Dragon, Secret Garden Serpent and Turtles on the Rocks)
Temple St.Clair & Nancy Lorenz7
Eached housed in its respective Japanese box covered by the painted work of Lorenz. It call “Lorenz’s boxs”.
Temple St.Clair & Nancy Lorenz4
Lorenz’s boxes inspired by each jewels and use gold, precious gems, mother-of-pearl inlay, lacquer, resin and silver and gold leaf.
Temple St.Clair & Nancy Lorenz9
It’s very beautiful haut couture jewels.
Temple St.Clair & Nancy Lorenz3
I like these gorgeous and cute style
Temple St.Clair & Nancy Lorenz6
She spend three years to create this collection inspired by her life with her son.
Temple St.Clair & Nancy Lorenz1
Temple St.Clair & Nancy Lorenz10
One day, he put a snake around his neck in the garden and Nancy created “Secret Garden Serpent neckless” frol this memory.
Temple St.Clair & Nancy Lorenz8
Nancy Lorenz’s work is renowned within the fashion and luxury communities. Her work has been commissioned for Chanel, Prada, Tiffany, and Tom Ford among others.. She lived in Tokyo for five years and she combines a deep understanding of Post-War abstraction with a reverence for the craft and materials of traditional Asian art. I was so happy to look at her beautiful collection with my eyes. 🙂

Photo : MIKI, Merci pour ta correction Florian.R !
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