Ladies World Cup Award Ceremony

私が泊まっていたホテルの目の前に出来た特設ステージにて、アルペンスキーW杯のアワードセレモニーが行われた。 オリンピック通りには、スゴイ人の数!と言う訳で私も行ってみた★On retourne au Val d’Isère pour la remise des prix de l’Alpine World cup. Il y avait beaucoup de monde !
 さすがは雪のW杯アワードセレモニー!スゴイ人の数。お昼に行われたアルペンスキーW杯の表彰式が行われたのだ。みんな、優勝したタイガー・ウッズの恋人でもある雪の女王 リンゼイ・ボンを一目見るために来ているとはいえ、スゴイ盛り上がり。登場も派手・・・その辺りは後日アップする動画を見たら分かるのでお楽しみに。
Alpine SKI World Cup finished after Lindsey Vonn keeped her top score at Night Val d’Isère that organized an award ceremony and it was just excellent. Lots of people came to the front of the stage to see the queen of the snow : Lindsey Vonn.
We felt her power and charm …because she is the most beautiful Athlete in the world. She got a cow for the prize in the afternoon and during the award ceremony, she got the big big cheese and said “I LIKE Cool Cow !” WOW
Anyway, Lindsey Vonn is always nice but today I focused on KIDS ! Check this video. It is wonderful and you will discover all “Longines Future Ski Champions 2014” within 2min30 !

1st : Carlotta Saracco (Italy), 2nd: Nella Korpio (Finland) and 3rd: Ida Dannewitz (Sweden).
優勝したイタリアンガール カルロッタは、コンクェスト クラシックの時計とトロフィーを手にし、「試合はどうでしたか?」の質問に「試合とは思わず楽みながら滑った結果、1位になれてホントに嬉しかった。」と。。。
The Italian Ski player girl Carlotta got a Longines conquest classic watch and Trophy, and She said “I’m so happy to win because I enjoyed to ski without stress.” to aswer the question “How do you feel about the competition ?”.
After the Award Ceremony at the avenue Olympique, Longines organized a small cocktail reserved for “Longines Future Ski Champions”.
Vice President Longines Charles Villoz awarded a medal for everybody, giving them one by one.
This is the brand watch with a familial atmospher. This time, I had the chance to communicate with the vice president lots of time. We talked about watch of course, but I we actually spend more time talking about wine  😉
We enjoyed a lot and I met some girls who were visiting a foreign country for the first time. It was not too easy to communicate with them another but I hope they’ll try to get more technics to ski not to forget language skills to become international ski players.

Photo : MIKI, Merci pour ta correction Florian.R !
copyright© 2012-14 MIKI TV All rights reserved. by Miki UE video journalist


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