“Starvin’Joe” hype Burger shop

パリで最も美味しくて、テキトウなサービスがHYPEでクールと言われている、バーガーショップ『スターヴァン・ジョー』の魅力をチェック!Quel est votre restaurant de burger préféré à paris?? Moi, j’aime STARVIN’ JOE, qui propose une formule burger très abordable ! Mais surtout l’équipe est vraiment très sympa avec les clients ! J’adore cette ambiance familiale. Venez découvrir ça !
Starvin Joe4
STARVIN’ JOE is a restaurant burger close to bastille on the way of “rue charonne” in Paris. It’s a small burger restaurant and we don’t know where is the entrance. But the staff wrote down “OPEN” on the door…!
Starvin Joe5
The restaurant is very simple but I like the graphs ! very hype!
Starvin Joe7
Bleu, cheedar, spicy ,chicken, avocado, mushroom… They propose a large range of burger with fried potato and drink menu. Between 9-12euro for a menu and we can find desert and cafe to end our meal. That’s the french style. Prices are reasonable and it really matches the ambience of this neighborhood.
Starvin Joe2
私は、お子様セットこそ『ミニゾンフォン』をいつも頼む。写真左は、たま〜にバーガーショップを手伝っている ジョゼフ・ゴードン=レヴィット似のパリで一番テキトウなサービスだけど楽しいE君。私の古くからの良き友人です。右は、MIKI TVファンのJo。いつも愛を込めてパンを練ってくれます。
Me? yeah… sometimes I eat burger too.. I don’t eat Robuchon and drink champagne all the time.. My recommendation is “mini enfant”. It’s a menu for kids. Small burger and fried potato and sometimes my old friend E (who similar to Joseph Gordon-Levitt) works here and he advices me something good. Jo makes fresh hand made burger. He is a fan of MIKI TV hehe so friendly !
Starvin Joe6
This day, I was so hungry and he recommended 2 different selections of the mini burgers so I chose avocado mini and champion mini ! let’s taste it !
Starvin Joe3
Yes, it’s nice… I can eat ! ahh.. The only problem I have in the restaurant is…. That I stay a long time as I’m talking blablabla and I get the smell of “fried” so sexy… but It’s fine… I’ll take a shower before dating ! that’s all..
Starvin Joe1
So If you don’t find something easy to eat alone or with some friends in East-Paris, you should definitely come to this place. it’s very easy to access ! But..sometime the restaurant is close (I don’t know why) so before going there, please check the Facebook page !

42 Rue de Charonne, 75011 Paris
Photo : MIKI, Merci pour ta correction Florian.R !
copyright© 2012-14 MIKI TV All rights reserved. by Miki UE video journalist


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