Most Beautiful Sporty Coupe Mercedes Benz S-coupe

メルセデス・ベンツが18年ぶりにSクラスの名を冠した新型クーペ『Sクラス クーペ』をメルセデス・ベンツ コネクションにて発表!それを記念に18年前にタイムスリップをしたかのような異空間且つ華麗なるイベント『 Unveil 』が行われた。 “S class coupé” après 18 ans. Pour fêter ce grand lancement, Mercedes Benz Connection nous invite à “Unveil”, et nous transporte comme par magie dans un cabaret des années 90 …
mercedes benz s class coupe party1
So I visited Mercedes Connection for the “Unveil” event with my agent, Florian. After entering the place, we had champagne and a show girl from the 90’s was waiting for us. She was dancing in a big cocktail glass which gave a mystic ambience like in movies and we were immediately invited into this mystical world…
mercedes benz s class coupe party9
After a while, another showgirl arrived from nowhere and gave the feeling that she is dancing in the champagne glass in an elegant and mystic way.
mercedes benz s class coupe party8
Then we found a dancer who did mysterious movements with a ball and
mercedes benz s class coupe party3
strange food to feel our five senses !
mercedes benz s class coupe party2
I was fascinated with the mystic smoke of -60 degrees that froze Mozzarela cheese just for a moment. hmmmm it had a pretty special taste that I have never tried before ..
mercedes benz s class coupe party7
The magician came in front of me and made crystal ball floated from his hands.. Then we went downstairs… and we found…
mercedes benz s class coupe party5
まるでエディット・ピアフが蘇ったかのように、夏木マリさんが『 Unveil 』を祝福する歌を披露。5オクターブを奏でる彼女の声がまた幻想的。
Mari Natsuki, a Japanese singer who sings like Edith Piaf. She sings with 5 different octaves at the same time, so fantastic..
mercedes benz s class coupe party4
その隣には待ってました、最上級スポーティクーペ『Sクラス クーペ』のお出ましです。18年ぶりに蘇った『S』は、なめらかなシルエットにボリュームがあるセンターを持つスポーティ且つダイナミックさを表現している『スポーティラグジュアリーカー』。
And I finally found the best sporty coupe : “Mercedes Benz S-classe coupé” ! The “S” is relaunched after 18 years. It offers a dynamic and sport shape that makes it a “sporty luxury car.”
mercedes benz s class coupe party11
In addition, the headlights look like cool eyes which are not so much aggressive but strong and beautiful. Love it !
mercedes benz s class coupe party10
I will care about future cars which have “new beauty style element” like S-classe coupé !

Mercedes Benz
Photo : MIKI, Merci pour ta correction Florian.R !
© 2012-14 MIKI TV All rights reserved. by Miki UE video journalist


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