My elegant summer life at Cap ferret

秋が近づくこの日々、ボルドー近郊にあるレージュ=カップ=フェレ ル・カップ・フェレに行った思い出を今、思い出してみよう。L’ete, c’ est presque fini… Mais les souvenir des vacances sont toujours ici… Je vous montre un petit histoire de Cap Ferret cet été avec des amis de Bordeaux..
cap ferret 1
Cap Ferret is is a headland, situated at the south end of the commune of Lège-Cap-Ferret in the French department of Gironde and region of Aquitaine (1h from Bordeaux by car).
cap ferret 3
私の大好きなファッションブランド G.Keroもここで生まれた。
One of My favorite fashion brand G.Kero was born this place too.
Bleu and white chic and beautiful view and it’s very quite place.

Cap Ferret is known as a place of leisure for the high French society. In July, rich bordeaux people come to here for week-ends of relax with beach and boat.
cap ferret 4
and in August, They rent there house and lot of Parisian come here. it remains a trendy destination for summer holidays.

I passed a long week-end with my friends from original Bordeaux people.
cap ferret 5
We tried to go far away to find beautiful place but we need careful about the time for return… Because Cap ferret is very calm sea but in the night, the wave become so strong.

And for diner, We ate Oyster speciality of Cap Ferret. I didn’t take the photo but if you want to know how was diner, check this video….hmmm….

Next summer, I’d like to go to there with my good friends for long week-end relax and party 🙂 then I’d like to go to Bordeaux for visit (taste some wine..)… !

Photo : Miki, G.Kero official
copyright© 2012-15 MIKI TV All rights reserved. by Miki UE video journalist

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