Strawberry Art Buffet at Hilton Tokyo

春とカワイイの象徴のフルーツといえば『いちご』。スイーツファンが殺到して毎日予約が取りにくい夢のようなブッフェにようやく行けたので、ばっちりレポートしてきました!乙女心をくすぐるイチゴスイーツたちをチェック★J’adore les fraises ! Si vous aimez les gateaux à la fraise et si vous pouvez passez par Shinjuku, je vous recommande d’aller au “Strawberry Art Buffet” à Hilton Tokyo. N’oubliez pas d’avoir faim pour profiter de cet excellent buffet !
strawberry art buffet hilton tokyo14
ヒルトン東京の1階『マーブルラウンジ』では、新エグゼティブペストリーシェフ ダヴィッド・ギマレスによるストロベリー デザートフェア『ストロベリー・アート』が5月18日まで開催中。
Hilton Tokyo organises “Strawberry Art Buffet” from January to 18th May at Marble lounge.
strawberry art buffet hilton tokyo9
New Executive Pastry Chef, David Guimaraes directed 30 strawberry sweets for this buffet. It’s artistic and very tasty.
strawberry art buffet hilton tokyo11
If you like cake or strawberry, you will be so excited by this place. Yeah my favorite fruits is strawberry… So…. !!!!
strawberry art buffet hilton tokyo10
ビュッフェ形式で、料金 大人4,200円(子供2,750円)税/サービス料込で、14時半~17時半まで毎日開催。制限時間はないので、電話予約をして14時半ちょうどに入って、心行くまでのんびり過ごすことをおすすめします。
The buffet start at 14h30 until 17h30, 4,200 Yen for adult (2750 Yen for child) with tax and service. You can eat without stress with coffee or tea (free). But already many japanese cake lovers reserved. So If you are interested about this buffet, you need to call asap to make a reservation.(03-3344-5111)
strawberry art buffet hilton tokyo13
Short cake, tarts, role cake etc…. more than 30 cakes are displayed here.
strawberry art buffet hilton tokyo17
more than 4500 strawberries are used every day (or 12000 / day for week-end) Can you imagine that ? Too much !!
strawberry art buffet hilton tokyo12
So cute american cup cake
strawberry art buffet hilton tokyo3
French chocolate fontaine for chocolate and pink chocolate
strawberry art buffet hilton tokyo7
The freshly baked waffles, it so fun to put fruits and whipped cream as topping  🙂
strawberry art buffet hilton tokyo5
We can choose chocolate banana pizza, chinese soup or dumplings if you don’t want to eat too much strawberry.
strawberry art buffet hilton tokyo16
Many strawberry fun enjoy at the lounge and nobody stress to take the cakes 🙂
strawberry art buffet hilton tokyo15
We can choose coffee or tea, and it’s all you can drink. So that’s perfect to talk with girls friends during the afternoon. Of course for dating it’s good, but the mood is not so romantic to talk love… Because strawberry cakes will attract women’s hearts directly…
strawberry art buffet hilton tokyo8
SO LOVELY my sweety….
strawberry art buffet hilton tokyo6
I started to touch strawberry lip cream puff ❤ puff puff
strawberry art buffet hilton tokyo18
Sadly Saturday and Sunday are already full for reservation, but if you want to enjoy strawberry buffet, You can choose “Strawberry dinner buffet” from 18h to 21h. You can choose 10 types of cakes, beef, pasta or salad etc… ! Let’s try it 😉

期間:2015年1月13日 – 5月18日
場所:Marble Lounge(03-3344-5111)
時間:14H30 -17H30
料金:大人 4,200 YEN(子供 2,750YEN)
Photo : MIKI / Flo, Merci pour ta correction Florian.R !
copyright© 2012-15 MIKI TV All rights reserved. by Miki UE video journalist



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