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RED VALENTINO 2015 SS Collection

レッドヴァレンティノの2015年春夏コレクション、とってもポップになったレッドを早速チェック。Présentation de la collection 2015 de Red Valentino. Ça devient de plus en plus POP mais ça reste toujours dreamy J’adore ce style, comme toujours !
red valentino 2015ss1
The theme of 2015 Spring Summer Collection of Red Valentino is “Cinderella”. But it’s a special Cinderella !
red valentino 2015ss4
It seems to have the “image” of Cinderella who experienced the love of the sailors as she wass travelling to Las Vegas. I can’t imagine !
red valentino 2015ss8
The collection is mixed between pop style and graphic style, while leaving the fairy tale’s atmosphere behind.
red valentino 2015ss7
unique item,
red valentino 2015ss5
Also fairy tale items with flowers.
red valentino 2015ss2red valentino 2015ss6
I love this blue dress with big flowers.
red valentino 2015ss3
Which one do you prefer?

Red Valentino
Photo : MIKI, Merci pour ta correction Florian.R !
copyright© 2012-14 MIKI TV All rights reserved. by Miki UE video journalist


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